Blanco de añada (dry young white wine)

The grapes are harvested at a fully ripe. The must obtained ferments at a cold temperature and is bottled just before Christmas. It will preserve its quality at least for two years.

Basic data Blanco de añada (dry young white wine)

Alcoholic degree:
11,5 % vol.

Macabeu and Xarel·lo in similar proportions

Serve at 6-8 ºC (43-46 ºF). Good with salads, rice, and pasta, poultry or grilled fish.

Tasting note Blanco de añada (dry young white wine)

Pale yellow.

Ripe fruity aroma (peach, banana).

Minimisation of treatments to stabilize the wine allows this wine to preserve an amusing tactile sensation of the bubbles in mouth. The mouth sensation is balanced and persistent, with a honeyed perception.

Product sheet
Date: May 02, 2014