• Open the bottles carefully, Cava is a sparkling wine and has pressure inside.
    • Use adequate glasses for each wine and don’t fill them entirely, this will allow you to enjoy all the different aromas.
    • The temperature of red wines where they are going to be drunk must be below that of your home. The ideal temperature, like in the cellar, is between 15 and 18 ºC (59-65 ºF). If it is warmer you will perceive more the alcohol and less the tannins. If it is colder the tannin could be perceived astringent.
    • Serve Cava  between 5 and 9 ºC (41-48 ºF) maintaining the bottle at this temperature. Before serving, keep it in the fridge or in an ice bucket with some salt. An ice bucket or a cooler pad can be used to maintain the temperature during the tasting.
    • Wine consumption in moderate doses has been proved as very healthy. Please, enjoy this pleasure.


    • Sparkling wines are ready to drink when they are sold. Do not make any additional aging at home. The aging of Cava is made in contact with the lees (in lies) and they are eliminated with the disgorging process.
    • Reserve the wines and Cavas out of the heat points and from the temperature changing sites. Keep the bottles into the box until consumption because cardboard is a good insulator.
    • Keep the bottles of Cava in vertical position and the wines in horizontal position.
    • The mythic argent spoon does not maintain the gas into the bottle when is open. It is recommended to finish the opened bottles or use hermetic caps.



Date: May 02, 2014