Xarel·lo (Dry aged "sur lies" white wine)

The Xarel·lo comes from a single vineyard, “La Vinya del Bessó” (The Vineyard of the Calf/Twin). This vineyard is the home to original vines planted in 1937-40 and a second planting in 1950. The vineyard is situated next to the “Tarumbes Creek”, and has slight slope running northward. The soil is alluvial, loamy clay and calcareous, with tiny chalk formations.

The must derived from the Xarel·lo grapes of the Vinya del Bessó is fermented at low temperature in inert tanks, and underwent a weekly stirring of the lees until the second week of February, at which point the wine was clarified and later bottled on the March month. This wine can be enjoyed during a number of years, as it will evolve and develop with time, in juxtaposition to lighter styles of wines meant to be drunk within a year.

Basic data Xarel·lo (Dry aged "sur lies" white wine)

Alcoholic degree:
11,5 % vol.

100% Xarel·lo

Seafood in general and especially oysters. Also little oily fish.

Tasting note Xarel·lo (Dry aged "sur lies" white wine)

This wine is pale lemon in color.

Expressive nose that offers a complex array of aromas, starting with tropical to orchard fruits typically found in mature Xarel·lo skins.

On the palate the wine is dense yet maintains freshness thanks to a mouth-watering acidity.

Product sheet
Date: May 02, 2014